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Safeguarding people with learning disabilities in residential care and supported living services. Is it abuse or ‘just’ poor practice? (2014)

Written by Rachel Fyson & Anne Patterson these guidelines have been taken from independent research commissioned by the NIHR School for Social Care Research. The guide is intended to help shape best practice for all professionals and volunteers working in residential services and supported living services. The guide can be accessed for free here

Kitson, D. & Clawson, R. (2013) Significant Incident Learning Process (SILP) – the experience of facilitating and evaluating the process in adult safeguarding, The Journal of Adult Protection 15 (5) 237-245

Financial Abuse of People with Learning Disabilities (2012)

Written by Liz Brooks, Deborah Kitson and Sue Thurman the study lasted two years and explored the issues and challengers workers, carers and service users have within this major safeguarding issue. Available to buy here

Kitson, D. & Fyson, R. (2012) Outcomes following adult safeguarding alerts: a critical analysis of key factors, Journal of Adult Protection 14 (2) 93-103

Kitson, D. & Fyson, R. (2011) Human rights and social wrongs: issues in safeguarding adults with learning disabilities, Practice: Social Work in Action 22 (5) 309-320

Forced Marriage and Learning Disabilities: Multi-Agency Practice Guidelines (2010)

Written by Rachael Clawson from ACT and Pam Vallance from the Judith Trust in conjunction with the Forced Marriage Unit. Download a copy here

Living your Life (2010)

Back by popular demand! Brook has updated and redesigned this comprehensive and essential publication for those working with young people with special educational needs and learning difficulties. Order a copy from Brook here

Fyson, R and Kitson, D (2010) Human rights and social wrongs: issues in safeguarding adults with learning disabilities Practice: Social Work in Action.

Kitson, D (2010) Concerns about people with learning disabilities being sexually abused. In: M McCarthy & D Thompson (eds.) Sexuality and Learning Disabilities. Pavilion.

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Fyson, R & Kitson, D (2007) Independence or Protection - does it have to be a choice? Reflections on the abuse people with learning disabilities in Cornwall. Critical Social Policy 27 (3) 426-436.

Kitson, D & Clawson, R (2007) Safeguarding Children with Disabilities. In: K. Wilson & A. James (eds.) The Child Protection Handbook. [3rd edition] Edinburgh: Bailliere Tindal.

Blowing the Whistle on the Abuse of Adults with Learning Disabilities (2005)

This project explores the ethical and practical dilemma of whistle Blowing in relation to the abuse of people with learning disabilities in social care settings and gives recommendations for practice.

Young People with Learning Disabilities who Show Sexually Inappropriate or Abusive Behaviour (2005)

Findings of research funded by the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, looking at issues relating to young people with learning disabilities who display sexually inappropriate behaviour.

ACTing to Support Parents with Learning Disabilities (2004)

Funded by the Home Office this project was carried out in partnership with Home-Start and explored ways to teach and support parents with learning disabilities.

The Sexual Abuse of Elderly People (2004)

An opportunity to look at the findings of this innovative research funded by the Nuffield Foundation and exploring issues relating to the abuse of older people.

Fyson, R andKitson, D & Corbett A (2004) Learning Disability, Abuse & Inquiry. In: N. Stanley & J. Manthorpe (eds.) The Age of The Inquiry: learning and blaming in health and social care. London: Routledge

Kitson, D and Bailey, G (2001) Facing the Possibility. ARC, Chesterfield, UK.

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