Press Release 08/01/2014

Slavery and Violence – witnesses failed to raise their concerns


• ACT responds to Rooke family sentence
• ACT CEO: "The abuse suffered by Craig Kinsella is not an isolated incident"
• Local communities need more support
• Multi – Agency work the key to safeguarding

The imprisonment and torture of Craig Kinsella highlights a shocking trend of serious and violent hate crime against people with learning disabilities and vulnerable adults. The imprisonment and sentences handed out to David Rooke and his son should be applauded, however this shocking crime brings into sharp focus a clear need for greater education around protecting those most at risk in our society.

ACT believe's that safeguarding vulnerable adults and preventing abuse of any kind, and in particular disability hate crime, is everybody's responsibility and more needs to be done by local authorities to highlight the signs to the public and encourage them to raise their concerns.

Deborah Kitson, our CEO, said "unfortunately what has happened to Craig Kinsella isn't an isolated incident. We are seeing more and more reports of disability hate crime and individuals taking advantage of vulnerable people for their own entertainment and selfish needs."

ACT has seen a rise in people reporting disability hate crime however they can feel powerless to prevent the abuse from happening. Ms Kitson said "often people with learning disabilities are isolated within our communities and are an easy target for others to 'befriend' and then go on to abuse them in the most sickening ways. We saw this previously in Cornwall where Steven Hoskins was murdered by 'friends' and now again in South Yorkshire. More needs to be done to support people in the community and to raise confidence in individuals to raise concerns when they see abuse in the community."

Above all ACT encourages local authorities, police and charities to work together within communities to identify those at risk and to support those individuals to feel secure and safe.

In relation to the recent events in Sheffield Ms Kitson added that "We hope Craig is receiving all the care and support he needs to come to terms with what has happened and to move forward from this awful experience towards a supportive and fulfilling life."


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1. The Ann Craft Trust works with staff in the statutory, independent and voluntary sectors to protect disabled children and vulnerable adults who may be at risk from abuse. We also provide training in all aspects of safeguarding.
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