About us

The Ann Craft Trust (ACT) was founded by Dr Ann Craft in 1992 under the name of NAPSAC - the National Association for the Protection from Sexual Abuse of Adults and Children with Learning Disabilities. For over 21 years ACT has championed the rights of disabled people and pushed forward the UK's understanding of safeguarding.

Ann Craft
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Today ACT supports the statutory, independent and voluntary sectors from across the UK to protect disabled children and adults at risk. From our training programmes to consultation services we work tirelessly to improve standards of safeguarding and raise the levels of best practice across health, social care and education. We are seen as one of the UK’s leading providers of safeguarding training, experts in the field of learning disabilities and at the forefront of research for both child and adult safeguarding.

Our services are used by both national and local organisations including the NHS, Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and Social Care. We also support individual professionals as well as parents and carers on how best to support and protect young people and adults from abuse.

Everyone at ACT is dedicated to safeguarding disabled children and adults at risk. Please contact us if you need advice.

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