Gwyn Fraser, Trustee

Gwyn Fraser

Gwyn Fraser qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 1982 and has worked in the area of learning disabilities since this time. Until March 2011 she was employed by Derbyshire Health Care Foundation Trust (formerly Mental Health Services (NHS) Trust) as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Psychology for the Learning Disability Service.

Gwyn has a long-standing interest in working with people with learning disabilities who have been abused and also in ensuring that the needs of people with learning disabilities are recognised within the judicial process; this interest began in 1990 when she was involved in a landmark case in which she supported a young woman with severe learning disabilities who appeared as a witness in court to give evidence against her abuser, who was sent to prison.

Gwyn has appeared as an expert witness on a number of occasions and has also acted as a consultant to the Staffordshire police during abuse investigations. Gwyn has been an Associate Trainer for the Ann Craft Trust for many years, providing workshops on "Supporting the Survivor". She has also taught sessions on "Sexuality and Personal Relationships" and "Abuse of People with Learning Disabilities" to Clinical Psychology Trainees at Leicester, Sheffield and Oxford Brookes Universities.